A View of World


2022. COVID19 Endemic

2032. WHO declaration of ‘human crisis’

2040. World Resource Cold War era

2063. First generation migration to Mars

2075. Great Migration to Mars

2108. Time Machine ‘Ark’ development start

2136. Launch of the Ark’s operation

Migration to Mars

After Covid Endemic in 2022, humans maintain a relatively livable world. However, they officially declare ‘human crisis’ due to resource deficiency and climate crisis in 2033 and in 2040 they start the World Resource Cold War. After the consecutive wars, humans finally accept that war cannot solve their problems and decide to migrate to a new environment. They initiate their first migration in 2063 and the ‘Great Migration to Mars’ finally takes place in 2075.

Exploration of the Vast Universe

The 33 years from 2075 to 2107 is a new history of the universe written by humanity. While exploring the vast world, many creatures and resources were found, but many lives and resources were lost as well. Sometimes humans shared what they acquired, but sometimes they split up and repeated the tiresome fight to gain more. Many heroes were created, but so did villains. Although there were opportunities humans could take to thrive, but unfortunate decisions were made more often. In the end, the number of humans decreased extremely to the extent that one could see the entire humanity at a glance. But even these few left scattered across the universe to find ways to stay alive.

The Last Human Invention

In 2108 when the space era humanity was under threat of demise, there was a group of engineers who hasn’t given up hope. As Noah has survived the extinction by building an ark in early days, these people decided to create the Ark using all the technologies available and open up a new world. The Ark was the final product of the last human engineers, who called themselves the Ark’s Rowers, after their 28 years of trial and error until 2136.

The Ark was officially the last human invention. It was created to redirect the humanity from the path towards extinction, to revive them but prevent them from making the same foolish mistakes. The Ark the time machine is a gigantic hardware and autonomous artificial intelligence software built to realize the rowers’ wishes.

The 5,000 arkists traveled back in time via the Ark are those who were alive in 2136 or those who had written their name in the history of future past, whose bodies were restored by the Ark using future technology. Body restoration using genes and mind uploading of memories and mental models saved during lifetime wasn’t so complicated of a tech.


Three types of moralities (hero, anti-hero, villain) exist in our storyline. Heroes are full of good will, justice, and faith to save the world. Villains prioritize personal and organizational gains, and anti-heroes stand somewhere in between.

However, since this is a project to save Web3, villains are not there to destroy Web3. Everyone contributes to the advancement of Web3 regardless of their traits. It is the purness of intentions, objective of their gains, and the justice of their means that determine their moralities.

Although we do not have it detailed out, these traits would also become a form of utility at some point in the future. Based on the traits your PFP possesses, there might be compensations or penalties.


24 forces, 8 for each moralities, exist in ‘Save the Web3’. Every character belongs to one of the 24 forces. Isn’t that amazing? All these forces have their sophisticated logos, names, stories, and even fashion!

As which force you belong to represent your attitude towards Web3, it forms a separate utility. We also do not have a detailed action plan yet, but the importance of the PFP’s force would gradually increase.

As the description of each forces is quite broad, see Story Fundemental(link) for more details.

Historical Events

Are you curious about the details of the 115 year-long history between 2022 and the launch of the time machine Ark in 2136? History is woven with events. Our storyline officially includes more than 800 historical events. Every character is deeply related with one of those events. These events might seem like a simple element of the storyline, but it could become important at the utility level at some point.

As the description of historical events is quite broad, see Story Fundemental(link) for more details.

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